Monday, 16 May 2016

Summertime sadness...

Summertime sadness...
Hello everybody. Its Rahul from Designing Brilliance and today we have a very special guest post from Ori Spi who will be posting some fabulous content from this day onward.

To all the people who want to look good in their denim jeans, their maxi dress and their bikinis.
To all the people who refused to go for a walk during the others seasons and instead indulged in piece of snickers cake
To all the people who refused to eat healthy and eat lots of junk food thinking its going to be oki….
P.S: Summer is around the corner…(and I can hear the screams of people who cannot get in their bikini)…oh no I think I’m hearing myself….
So today I made an effort: ROAD TO CHANGE
I’m not a person who likes to eat breakfast.. My mornings usually consists of two cups of coffees (with milk) and then I skip immediately to lunch which by that time I will be starving and binge on bread..
Today I had only one cup of coffee and I had some breakfast which consisted of a smoothie: 1 Banana Yogurt, 1 Banana, 1 Peach and some Chai Seeds.

For lunch I’m planning to have some tuna salad but I’m still clueless for dinner…..
What about you? What are your meal plans?

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