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Amanda Hemingway

Amanda Hemingway (also known as Jan Siegel)

Jan Siegel is a pseudonym of Amanda Hemingway, who was born in London, UK in 1955 to an architect George Askew and Mavis Gold. She grew up in Lewes in East Sussexs and is a fantasy author whom is best known for her Fern Capel Series.
I was given the greatest of pleasure to meet a wonderful person by heart as well as a successful author, Amanda Hemingway. Writer of  the Greenstone Grail: The Sangreal Trilogy One ( Best seller)  
she is truly an inspiration. A great role model!
 Having bought her book called the devil's apprentice, I have instantly fallen in love with the style she writes in. It is very captivating and would highly suggest that you give the book a read. 
The devils apprentice is about the devil himself or what one would call the dark one. Inspired from the apprentice itself, the book takes us through the journey of the apprentices and the tasks they must face in the mythical and historical trails that will shape them to become the dark one's apprentice. The devil is retiring... but who's taking over?

Here is the blurb of this fascinating book.

The Devil is retiring… but who’s taking over?

The Devil is retiring… but who’s taking over? 

When teenage Pen inherits the job of caretaker for a London building with no doors and only a secret entrance from the caretaker’s lodge – which she must never use – little does she know it will lead her into unbelievable danger. 
For Azmordis, also known as Satan, a spirit as old as Time and as powerful as the Dark, Immortality is running out. In the house with no front door, a group of teenagers are trapped in assorted dimensions of myth and history, undergoing the trials that will shape them to step into his cloven footwear – or destroy them. 
Assisted by only by an aspiring teenage chef called Gavin and Jinx, a young witch with more face-piercing than fae-power, Pen must try to stop the Devil’s deadly game plan – before it’s too late.

Has this captivated you ?

It sure has for me!

Check out some of her other books

    Pzyche (1982)

    • Bacchanal (1987)
    • The Viper's Heart, also published as The Poison Heart (1990)
    • Soulfire (1994)
    • Prospero's Children (1999)
    • The Dragon-Charmer (2000)
    • The Witch's Honour, published in US as The Witch Queen (2002)
    • The Greenstone Grail (2005)
    • The Traitor's Sword (2006)
    • The Poisoned Crown (2007)
    • The devil's apprentice (2013)

    Amanda Hemingway @ Heartlands High School (London Wood Green)

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