Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Ice Cream Girls

Hello everybody. Its Rahul from Designing Brilliance and today we have another guest post from Ori Spi

Today I wanted to write about one of my favorite all time book..The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy


First I’m going to introduce you to this amazing author Dorothy Koomson. Born in 1971, Koomson is a full time writer, her published works amount to eleven books the latest was published in May of this year namely “When I was invisible”

The Ice Cream Girls is about two teenage girls who fell in love with their Mathematics teacher. In 1995 they are accused of murdering the teacher they both loved. The story is a recount of their experience, together with their present lives.

One of the girls had to go back to her home town after her mother fell sick, the other girl Poppy at the
time got out of prison..and they were forced to confront each other.

For all the bookworms out there, who loves fiction, drama, romance and a thriller…this book is the
perfect mix for this recipe…

I also had the opportunity to watch the TV drama which was featured by but nowadays I can’t seem to find it…This drama was based on the book The Ice Cream Girls but the heading was different as it was called The Two Ice Cream Girl. The girls in the drama have different personalities than those in the book. So yes, I would definitely suggest that before watching the Tv Drama...READ THE BOOK

If you are interested in this author you can drop by her website which is

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