Saturday, 18 April 2015

News and Updates ~ 18/4/15: Anniversary of Moore's law and LSE news

The first law of computing which rings true 50 years on

Intel chipThis weekend marks the 50th anniversary of when Gordon Moore first penned his idea of the rate at which computers would advance exponentially. The thing is, he was not only accurate in his predictions. But 50 years on, the observation which has become known as Moore's Law has become an industrial motive for and target for big tech companies to aspire to.

If you haven't heard of the famous idea it basically noted that the maximum number of components that  could be fit on a silicon chip- before which the rising risk of failure made it uneconomic to add more - was doubling at a regular pace.

Gordon Moore, suggested this could be extrapolated to forecast the rate at which more complicated chips could be built at affordable costs. The insight - later referred to as Moore's Law - became the bedrock for the computer processor industry, giving engineers and their managers a target to hit. However, In 2013, the firm's ex-chief architect Bob Colwell made headlines when he predicted Moore's Law would be "dead" by 2022 at the latest. The issue, he explained, was that it was difficult to shrink transistors beyond a certain point. Specifically, he said it would be impossible to justify the costs required to reduce the length of a transistor part, known as its gate, to less than 5nm (1nm = one billionth of a metre). "The amount of effort it's going to take to do anything beyond that is substantial," he said.

FTSE 100 Drops big but there are promises for small businesses

In other news the FTSE dropped a massive  65 points today in the Europe indexes. According to the LSE's risers and fallers list, Carclo saw a 6.3% rise while WHS saw a rise of +34 points. Luckily small businesses are doing well recently, seeing as Britain is going through deflation for the first time in many years. International trade is not the best, but local business is getting the benefit of the doubt. 

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