Wednesday, 15 April 2015

News and Updates ~ 15/4/15: Weekly bulletin and other news

Designing brilliance launches new YouTube channel!

In recent news, Designing Brilliance has launched a brand new YouTube channel, with the first uploaded on Monday. You can see our RYSE: Son of Rome review here: Ryse son of rome. Its great to see the Designing Brilliance team expanding its frontiers into new horizons using all the mediums at our disposable. Who knows where we will go from here? Onward and upwards as I always say! You'll be seeing regular videos posted by this new channel, but the blog will stay fully operational.

Huge leap forward in Dark Matter Research

Abell 3827In science news, the elusive dark matter which makes up almost 85% of the total matter in the cosmos and 27% of the known Universe had become slightly less mysterious.  It is widely believed to be associated with a specific particle, the current theory of physics known as the Standard Model does not account for one. So scientists made a huge leap forward in research using a technique known as gravitational lensing. 

While dark matter does not absorb or emit light, it does have gravity, so it bends the path of light passing nearby, warping our view of anything on the other side of it. The dark matter in Abell 3827 bent the path of light rays coming from a distant background galaxy, which happened to be aligned just right. The researchers found that one dark matter clump appeared to be lagging behind the galaxy it surrounds. Such a lag between the dark matter and its associated galaxy would be expected if the mysterious stuff was interacting with itself - through forces other than gravity. This means that there is still more to learn and new types of physics will be needed to explain the universe we live in.

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