Friday, 27 March 2015

Life Is Strange - Episode 2 : Out of Time

Life Is Strange
Episode 2 : Out of Time


The second episode was released a few days ago. And I'm happy to say it has blown me and I'm sure everyone else away. The first episode was criticised for not having convincing dialogue and choice and the second episode has not disappointed in rectifying these glitches as the episode starts off with the impression that it has the same problems as the last episode but becomes more and more compelling.
The conclusion of the episode was almost heartbreaking with Kate's dilemma which can end one of two ways. The episode in my opinion has explained the life of the characters in a realistic way which only makes us love and empathise with the characters even more.
The choices in this episode has also made more of an impact as your choices make much of an impact and that is expressed making us only even more cautions and immersed in the game.
No matter the outcome of the choices Life Is Strange has shown itself to be a heartbreaking and beautiful story that can relate to a lot of us.
I can easily say I am looking forward to the next episode. Congrats and good luck to the writers of this game.

For those who haven't seen this game the trailer is shown below: