Thursday, 12 February 2015

The bloggers

So we started out blog on Monday the 9th of February. We are currently blogging on the topics of Design, Photography, Science, Music and many other things.

The bloggers are-

Rahul  Ashra 

Administrator & Author (Music, Design & Technology, photography,science, miscellaneous & Drama)

I enjoy Blogging and love DT as well as music. As a singer and a public speaking enthusiast, I  believe that you should take your opportunities when you get them.

Aide McCarthy-Boxer

Editor & Author (Sport, music & Gaming)

Amira Ibrahim

 Editor & Author (Science, Music, Gaming & Entertainment Reviews)

I enjoy playing the piano and am a huge quantum mechanics enthusiast. Public speaking is one of the many things I enjoy doing whenever I get the chance. I believe being an optimistic realist is the best way to handle life.

Aiden Sylvester
Author (Gaming)
You will be seeing loads of posts from me about video games since it is one of my passions, talking about how they're made, how they make an impact and even how people make MILLIONS off of video games, I bet not a lot of you knew this was possible. For all of you gaming fans I will be posting a WIDE range of games, from Little Big Planet to Grand Theft Auto! I will also be discussing console wars weekly, so stay tuned for more and enjoy your half term!

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