Thursday, 12 February 2015

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Here are some of our Creative Arts blogs. Click on the caption to see them.

Here are some of our Drama blogs. Click on the caption to see them.

Toby (Script writer, director & actor)
This post is our first for the drama sector and is by far one of the best things to blog about. Toby is a fantastic young lad who will thrive in life. Check out this post for a fantastic taster video as well as links to his channels!


This post is on a band which is made up some talented youngsters. Be sure to check them out!

Lily and Madeleine

This post is about a great song which is sung by the duet Lily and Madeleine

Daniel Duke (The Voice) review

This post is about the fantastic Daniel Duke and his performance on the Voice Uk

Bartosz the musical man

This post is about Bartosz who is an extremely talented musician who plays many instruments. Check out his composition on this post.

Piano Composition
This is my attempt of doing a piano composition which I randomly made up. Hope you take a look and do comment.

Rhythm Tango

This post is on one our most fantastic Music teachers at heartlands high school. Check this blog out for his video that has won hundreds of schools hearts.


This post is about a great band that has come together at a Secondary School. They are starting to do gigs like in the video shown in this post. Be sure to check them out!

Esmée Denters

This post includes a bit about Esmée Denters and shows a clip about the blind auditions on the voice UK.

Comment your thoughts on her performance.

This post is about the Irish band called Kodaline. Check out the page for more information

The Voice 2015

This post is about the voice 2015 and the final in particular. Congratulations to Stevie who was this years winner.

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