Friday, 13 February 2015

Life Is Strange - Episode 1 : American Chrysalis

Life Is Strange
Episode 1 : American Chrysalis


Life is strange is a brand new game that has gained a huge fan base despite having been out for a few weeks. 
We follow the story of a photography student Maxine Caulfield as she discovers her ability to reverse time to change her choices on how to interact with people. Many choices are presented within the game with so much happening within the space of one day.
Throughout reviews posted about this game the storyline has been credited for being innovative and enticing but the game has been let down by the poor dialogue and certain of the choices presented.
Its a huge let down that such an interesting game has been somewhat ruined by the acting and dialogue but none the less I can very certainly say that we are waiting for the next episode in March this year. At least I am.
We all hope Max luck as she discovers herself through the five episodes.

For those new to the game the trailer is as shown below

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