Friday, 13 February 2015

Assassin's Creed - Unity

Assassin's Creed



Here we go again with another hugely anticipated Assassins Creed game. The franchise has grown immensely,  gaining more and more fans as time goes on. It's historical setting contrasts with the technology which we live by on a daily basis.
Unity is set in 1789 in the time of the French revolution. You play as Arno, as he joins the assassins after his adoptive father was murdered. His search for justice led him to the assassins where he found his place after his biological father who had been an assassin before being murdered.
The graphics in Unity put other games to shame, but we can all say that the release was disappointing with all of the in-game bugs, which ruined the gaming experience for many players around the world. Although the game was set up so the extra missions and scenery were supposed to be a bonus, I believe that it took over the game. The main story started off as being lovable, as it portrays Arno's love story with Elise. The story develops quickly very a short period of time. Being a huge fan of the franchise, I was waiting for another long yet enticing story and instead ended up with a dark look at the works behind Paris. The lack of likability meant that it was hard to hold empathy or be swayed by the story in the way in which we had expected to be.
None the less, the game was set up beautifully and ticked all the boxes for it to be an amazing game. The side missions give a whole new view on the game and makes it that more exciting.
So even though its quite disappointing, we can all admit we will be waiting for the next game.
Good luck to the assassins creed team and congrats on creating another masterpiece, except this time we are waiting for a female protagonist.