Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Good evening everybody! Just before I start this blog I would like to say how amazing it is that we have reached 1000 views! We couldn't have done it without you guys, the reader. So lets get onto the blog shall we?!

Console wars, one of the many reasons why you will see a fight at a 'Nerd Convention' or a 'Gaming Expedition', sad thing is, most gamers are arrogant these days, on and on and on! Gamers (such as myself) blabber about what console is better and why it is, me personally, I enjoy my xbox one, I previously 'OWN'D and PWN'D' people on playstation 4, but those regretful days are over now, fanboy/fangirl is the term used for somebody who favors one thing compared to the other, in this case somebody may prefer an Xbox one rather than a Playstation 4. 

Gamers personally go into a HUGE FIT when somebody calls them a fanboy/fangirl, most fights start between two 10 year old kids these days online, talking about which console is better before its bed time at 8:00, and most of you who don't play video games will wonder to yourselves, "Why do people argue over these 'Computers'" (DON'T CALL IT A COMPUTER IT IS ANNOYING!), main reason people argue over these things are because of system features, such as exclusives or graphical quality. 

Console wars cause a lot of problems in the gaming community ranging from people insulting each others mother's (as gamers do) or just simply having an all out brawl (don't know why I put simply), either way Console wars have caused a lot of controversy in the gaming community and it won't stop anytime soon. My personal experiences have ranged from throwing fried chicken at people to breaking their controllers, yeah, all gamers have EXTREME disagreements about consoles, even the quiet  ones (not me). But in the end, we are all gamers, may not have respect for each other after all the online trash talking, but we are still a community who love what we do, we wouldn't ever ask for any other hobby in the world, WE ARE GAMERS.

Till the next time guys