Sunday, 5 June 2016

Summer Of Matcha

Summer Of Matcha

Hey guys, I hope that you are all doing well and have had a great weekend. Looking forward to the summer holidays and end of the exam season too! So recently we at designing brilliance  we were sent some matcha green tea and so we decided to review the product and also share with you guys a lovely vegan recipe (Near the bottom of the blog) which will totally blow your mind when you try the make the icecream! To buy some Matcha Green Tea click on the Eat clean tea picture below.

So from when i initially ordered the Matcha green tea i received almost instantly. Only had to wait 2 days for the package to come. The design was quite simple and memorable. It definitely shouted out to me quality when first looking at the packaging. From the vibrant green colour on the logo to the simple brown colour on the actual packaging. The great thing about the packaging was that once tearing open the seal the packaging could be opened and resealed. 

The product did look promising and when first tasting the product, it did taste really good. I was having two cups of this stuff in a day. I think it really did help me through exams as it gave me all the vital boosts. Vital boosts? Well did you know that the Matcha green tea  gives long-lasting energy, boosts your metabolism, aids fat burning, gives you beautiful, clear skin and detoxifies your body. And to be honest I did feel much more greater and capable after having this premium green tea. It lived to my expectations! Scroll down to see the Vegan Matcha Green Tea infused Icecream. As you are scrolling down take a look at Matcha Green Tea Approvals!

Vegan Matcha Green Tea infused Icecream :) 

So the part you have all been waiting for the Vegan Matcha Green Tea infused Icecream recipe!
Click on the picture below for it:) !

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