Friday, 3 July 2015


Who are they?-

They are a young band with three members - Bart, Kurtis and Piotr. They aspire to enter the hearts of those who enjoy listening to various genres of music from blues to hard rock.
They are gigging more over time and, at the moment, mainly focus on playing their own songs, instead of what they did over a year ago, which was playing covers of songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana or Survival by Muse.
They hope to some day get well-known and perform larger gigs for much large audiences!

When did they start?-

They started on May the 9th 2012.
They have been playing for around three years and all of the members are under 16!

Band members

Bartosz (Bart) Stasik - Lead singer and Guitarist

Kurtis Murray - Drummer

Piotr Kaminski - Bass

So now that you have got a chance to see what the band is about, here is some more information about them.

TRI have gigged in quite a lot of places such as North Haringey Primary School, Heartlands high School, Belmont Primary School, Hornsey Moravian church and our bloggers at designing brilliance look forward to see where they will be gigging next. The lead singer Bartosz Stasik has said that in the next five years he sees the band starting to gig more frequently, at least once a week in larger venues if they can get signed; However Bartosz has said that this would all depend on whether the other members of the band would like to continue playing the music for TRI. We hope they do!

When asking the lead singer who he aspires to he replied Matt bellamy and this is because,

Quoted from Bartosz-

"There are many things that I like about him. Some of them are his incredible vocal range, his ability to make awesome sounds with the guitar while jumping around and throwing it or even his mind blowing way of making classical piano playing fit into rock. He can really make a good show and can write inspiring music."

Here is a taster of some of the music from there most recent gig.

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