Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Charlie Charlie Challenge

Charlie Charlie Challenge

The new trend is now popular over social media with young people trying this challenge where you call upon a spirit and ask them for guidance in the form of yes and no questions. It is apparently an ancient Mexican tradition which requires you to place two pencils on top of each other so the top one is not touching the paper and then the pencil will go towards to either yes or no.

Once you have everything set up you ask "Charlie, Charlie are you here?" and the pencil will move towards either yes or no and in some cases the pencil doesn't even move.

The challenge has freaked many people with some superstitious individuals advising against but no matter what the beliefs are we can all say that we are a bit freaked out by the challenge.

And in the words of the The Mirror "Shouldn't it be called the #CarlosCarlosChallenge if he is Mexican?"

Below is a video showing the challenge being done for those who still do not completely understand :

If you are a curious being and would like to try the challenge or traditional ritual be aware that you will be exposing yourself to a demon or a bad spirit which may seem friendly at first however things may not go to planned. People have reported seeing figures, objects falling, a series of nightmares, hearing voices as well as other horrific experiences. Especially not for the faint hearted. So firstly if you are the sort of person that is easily scared or even gets nightmares frequently, this may not be the thing for you! However, If you’re brave enough to make it this far, to end the game and make sure you don’t leave a portal  open for paranormal activities to keep happening, you better ask Charlie if you can stop playing the game. Many people have said that despite saying goodbye by saying "Charlie Charlie can we leave". they have still experienced weird events but not to a more serious level to when they first started the ritual. This may be due to the fact that the so called "portal" may not have been fully closed, therefore exposing people to the spirit. 

Check out the video below  for a detailed explanation on the Charlie Charlie challenge by a Occultist.


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