Friday, 27 May 2016

Is Time Running Out?

Is Time Running Out?

I have such a love for watches…big, small, statement watches or ones just to tell the time on so when I came across this initiative run by, Time Telling Initiative I just had to write about it!

Yes, I know, I live in the UK so it doesn’t really affect me in any way what so ever but I just thought it was such a good scheme that maybe something like this could/should be done in the UK. Do you remember back in the Summer of possibly last year when Joey Essex was on I’m a Celebrity and he admitted he couldn’t tell the time, well since then there seem to be so many other adults admitting the same thing. To be honest, it was such a long time ago that I learn’t that I really can’t remember what I was taught or how I was taught but I guess someone must have!

‘We conducted a study earlier in 2015, in the Bronx, NY area. The participants were children between the ages of 6-12. What we found was that only 1 in 5 actually scored full marks in the study . That’s just 20% having the ability to tell time on an analog watch.’

I guess now that analog clocks and watches are almost a thing of the past, it’s only natural that the younger generation either don’t own, use or know how to use one, especially when they can just look at the front screen of their smartphone and find out that way. I do however think it’s a shame that this seems to be an area that is being forgotten so I think it’s a great idea that this initiative is being done over in the US.Did you know, these days only 1 in 10 children own a wrist watch! That’s crazy when I think back to my childhood…all those many, many years ago, oh how times have changed!

‘In the spirit of this tightening race, has created some countdown timers. Wherever you plant your feet – to the left, right, or somewhere in the middle, these countdown timers remind us that democracy is strong in the U.S. of A.’

Oh, and for any of you in the US reading this, don’t forget, you can vote on the 2016 election countdown timers that DiscountWatchStore are running on their website. Vote here. I think it’s just for fun but not living in the US I’m not 100% sure how they do things over there!

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