Wednesday, 8 April 2015

News and updates ~ 8/4/15: Some science and business updates

How the LHC could revolutionise our understanding of sub-atomic physics

Computer-generated image of dark matter
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you will have heard about the Large Hadron Collider ( or LHC), which has been smashing various particles together in an attempt to re-create the conditions of the big bang. It also managed to prove the existence of the Higgs Boson particle, a step forward in particle physics. But what is in store next for the Swedish particle accelerator you may ask? Well... it just so happens the people at CERN are attempting to re-establish the fundamental theory widely accepted by physicists everywhere.
They are literally re-writing the book on sub-atomic theory. You see, the "Standard Model" of particle physics has served us pretty well so far, developing our understanding of the universe on a molecular scale. The problem is General Relativity (that is Einstein's famous theory) doesn't get on well with Quantum theory and the Standard model of Sub- atomic theory. There are gaps, for example if anti-matter and matter were equal after the big bang why did they not cancel out? It is clear that a more developed theory has to be established, which is why CERN has re-opened the Super Collider and given it double the energy to attempt to uncover even more about the universe. Full story: Here

Business and Stocks news

In other news the FTSE 100 market plunged 24 whole points today - a whole -0.35%.  The LSE shows that BG GRP shares have skyrocketed after there £40M deal with shell. They went up a massive +242 points boosting each share by 26%. That means that anyone who bought shares before the shell deal just quadrupled their profits. Needless to say they topped the LSE's Risers and Fallers list. The full list is here: LSE risers and fallers

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