Friday, 27 February 2015

The Order 1886 Review

The Order 1886


Released a week ago ( and yes I know, about a week ago ) it has received harsh reviews based on the lack of quality game play as it concentrates on the cut scenes and has been named a movie instead of a game. There has also been a lot of criticism about the lack of open world with the game being very linear.
Despite all the flaws the game is one of the most impressive cinematic games out there and has presented a story that has all of us intrigued. It has also sold very well after the release.
The game also ended with unanswered question that have left everyone waiting for a sequel. I can say we are all hoping that the sequel will be more impressive while keeping the awesome cinematic features but only time will tell.
Anyway I will definitely be in the line to buy the sequel. Will you?
Good luck to the Order 1886 team and congratulation on an amazing game.

Have a great one,
Amira Ibrahim

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