Sunday, 15 February 2015

Is Gaming Beneficial Or Not?

Gaming. An infinite world of imagination in the palm of your hands. Most people around you probably play video games a lot, in fact we are pretty much on video games all the time. When you are at work on your phone (hopefully not all the time), on the train and at home. When you really think about it, you would presumably think that you get nothing out of this apart from entertainment and expect it to ruin people's lives HOWEVER,  gaming has started to grow and over populate our world and I know that sounds bad but trust me that is a good thing.
Have any of you watched people on Youtube such as KSI or TheSyndicateProject? If you have, you would know that they make a living off of video games. You know them ANNOYING adverts on youtube videos before the actual video? yeah that is because the creator of the video has made it so that every time the advert is displayed the creator makes money!

 Anyways, now that the boring stuff is out of the way, it is time to get to some interesting facts which will persuade you to even do this as a hobby in the future! Do you know Pewdiepie (34 million subscribers) generates over TWENTY MILLION dollars a year just by playing all sorts of video games!! Another way that games are extremely beneficial is that you can widen your knowledge of video games by perusing a career in video game development! Another thing you could do, is compete in the E-Sports community, when you play certain competitive games for high values of money. For example,  OpTiC Gaming are a group of young adults who compete in Call Of Duty competitions and have earned millions off of beating other teams and are one of the most popular E-Sports teams in the world. 

There are a wide range videos which feature fans of these E-sports teams and content creators screaming and getting excited over the fact that they are in the same online games as the the professional players. So, I hope I have interested you in the world of gaming and entertainment and how it can be expanded to making people RICH! If you want to find out more and even try out something like this as a hobby, you can, maybe even go from a hobby to a full-time job? Imaginations turn to dreams turn to reality, thank you guys for reading my blog, this has been Aiden Sylvester, I will see you guys in another Gaming Blog!

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