Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Quantum Stuff #3

Parallel Universes

Here we are and this week we are going to explore 3 different theories on parallel universes. These thieves are called 'Multiverses'. Multiverses usually refers to one of three largely unrelated proposed physical models for the universe.

Theory 1 - Bubble Universes

This is the most straightforward. The basic idea is that there other parts of the universe so far away that we will never see them. This theory was created to explain why our universe is so good at making galaxies and black holes and so on. It is said that if each of these 'bubbles' had different laws of physics it would only be possible for us to exist in one of these bubbles, our observable universe.

Theory 2 - Membranes

This theory was made up by string theorists that believe our 'universe' is within a 9 dimension universe. The same way that a sheet of paper is a 2 dimensional object within our 3 dimensional world our 'universe' is like a sheet of paper within this 9 dimensional universe. In fact these so called universes are called membranes.

Theory 3 - Many Worlds

This theory uis arguably the most difficult to grasp. This theory states that everything that could does happen and that we just happen to exist in the series of happenings that lead us to the present day.

Don't worry if none of these theories seem true as none of them have been proven with evidence but do remember that the people coming up with these theories are not philosophers and everything that can be tested will be tested.

Keep Learning and Have a Great Day,
Quantum Mechanics Fan,