Friday, 27 March 2015

News and Updates~27/03/15: A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the brand new News and Updates section!

Here it is guys, the very first post from the news and updates section.  Don't worry, the posts won't always be this long! This post is dedicated to letting you know what exactly this part of the blog will be doing, as well as providing you with a quick run-down of what you will be expecting to see and when you'll expect to see it in the upcoming weeks.

Updates and News directly from Designing Brilliance HQ will be published twice weekly, (On Wednesday and Friday) as well as some global news involving industry, business and design. You'll also see a weekly bulletin, where I sum up what important events have transpired which have effected the blog and bloggers respectively. 

That's it for now guys... next week we'll start with a brand new official bulletin and some updates on the stock market.