Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Quantum Stuff #1


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Anyone who has read the bloggers page will understand that I am huge physics person. Its interesting to learn about the way everything works. So I will be placing weekly posts about different aspects of quantum mechanics or any other parts of physics that seem interesting enough to share. So be sure to check the science page every Tuesday for your weekly dose of physics.

Before I start I would also like to point out that I will be explaining it bit by bit so that it is easy to understand, even for those who have not studied quantum mechanics before. So here it goes; the first post where I will be talking or rather writing about antimatter.

In particle physics antimatter is a material made up of antiparticles which have the same mass of an ordinary particle but an opposite charge :
Matter - Antimatter
Electron e−, β− - Positron β+, e+
Proton  p+ - Anti-proton p
Neutron n*0 - Anti-neutron n

Encounter between the particles and antiparticles lead to annihilation of both giving off to photons, neutrons and lower mass particle pairs or lower mass antimatter particle pairs.

So why is there more matter than antimatter in the universe as the same amount of each should have been made at the big bang. The answer is that no one knows, it continues to be one of if not the largest mystery in particle physics. This lack of symmetry is called baryogenesis.

There have been two reasons presented to answer this mystery.
1. There may have actually been more matter made than antimatter when the big bang occurred
2.  Both types of particles managed in one or another to escape each other's fatal grasp
Both reasons have been presented with evidence but no solid evidence, leaning solidly to one side has been presented and it may be a long time before that happens.

Although the creation of antimatter in our matter based world could be beneficial to the human kind as it could be used as rocket fuel which would advance our search of the universe. It could also pose a huge danger as attempts to make antimatter bombs have occurred and will continue to occur. I can very easily state that an antimatter bomb is one of mass destruction and could claim so many lives.

Keep Learning and Have a Great Day,
Quantum Mechanics Fan,
Amira Ibrahim