Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Karting blog by Faruk

Teamsport North London Track... the racing line!

Hello there. My name is the Red Stig (Anand Tiwari).

Today I will be teaching you my racing line and I will be showing you the rules of karting.

In Karting, there are 6 different flags.

Green Flag = Go!

Yellow Flag = Slow down to a walking pace and NO OVERTAKING!

Red Flag = Stop where you are immediately!

Black Flag = You have been ignoring Reds and Yellows or you have been causing too many collisions. Head to the pits at once!

Blue Flag: There is a faster driver behind you. You have been driving too slow and you are holding them up. Get out of the way and let them pass.

Chequered Flag: The Race has began or ended.

Once you fully understand the rules, you are ready to race.