Friday, 6 March 2015

Table Tennis

In Table Tennis, technique is really important, especially if you are just a beginner, but it isn't the only important thing. Try to avoid becoming a ‘technique freak’, as you should also focus on other areas of tables tennis as well. Don’t have improving your technique, or making your shots feel better as your number one goal. Improving your technique should be a means to an end, which is improving your overall development as a player, and specifically your match performance. A strong technique will enable you to play table tennis more efficiently, making the best use of what you’ve got, and decreasing the chance of injury while doing so.

When you tackle technique, you should follow the following, in order:

1) Stance 

2) Grip
3) Footwork
4) Strokes

There are also a few things needed in order to play table tennis:

A bat
First of all, you'll need a bat of your own. Sure, you can always borrow other people's, but it's best to have your own personal ping-pong paddle. You will also need to choose your own bat that tailors your style, in order for your techniques to be more efficient and for you to be comfortable with your playing style.

A ball
Ping-pong balls can be bought from many sports stores, although most clubs will purchase them from table tennis dealers. Orange and white coloured balls are usually used in competitions, while there are also several other coloured balls available to non-professionals.

A net
Good quality nets are fairly cheap and nets that are easily set up are also very good to use, as it does not take much time to set up. Nets should also be very tight and kept in position, not loose.

A table

What good is playing table tennis without a table? These are usually supplied by club owners, or could be bought online or in sports shops. So you do not need to bring a table every time you wish to play. Although you could have one at home.

I hope this brief insight into table tennis has been useful for you and be sure to implement some new techniques into your games!