The Girl With No Face


Born in Malta in August 1987, back when console games weren’t that popular and children were left to play and run in the streets during summer holidays. I always had a love for music; at a young age I started to go to piano lessons and sometimes I also took some singing classes and spent a short period of time as a lead singer in a band, but had to quit because of my exams. I love to read, and this all started when I used to watch The Gilmour Girls (TV Series), there was this girl which was an influential character, a book worm and a coffee addict and from that day I started to love coffee and I didn’t leave the house without a book. After reading lots of books, I’ve dreamt about writing a book and having my own work published. Although this is not an easy task I’m working towards this goal. I also have an obsession with makeup & stationery, and although I don’t wear makeup every day, I love collecting makeup and buying new products especially lipsticks. When it comes to stationery it’s the same story I love notebooks, agendas, diaries and biros which ultimately I don’t use. Becoming a blogger was also on my bucket list, anyway that’s all about me. I hope that you like my short introduction.

Twitter: @TheGirlWithNoF

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